Fan-made Commandos HTML5 recreation released

UPDATE: Unfortunately Aditya was requested by Pyro Mobile to take down his project. As such his game can no longer be played online. In respect of his work, please do take some to visit his website to see his other works, as he earns a massive amount of respect for the effort he put in recreating our beloved game in HTML5. It’s a shame Pyro Mobile doesn’t share the same love for his talents and somehow uses the created hype to garnish some momentum towards the announcement of Commandos Mobile.

Whilst this news is not directly related to the upcoming Commandos Mobile game, we think many of you, who are probably long-time Commandos fans, are still interested in this news. Furthermore it’s time for an update to this page, as Pyro Mobile is still very secretive about any information on Commandos Mobile.

Today Aditya made his HTML5 recreation of Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines publicly available. So far the first mission is available to play, but Aditya writes in a blog post that he plans to add more missions in the future (first he needs a well deserved break).

Work on the Commandos browser version started about 8 months ago and we have to say it’s really amazing to see what the dedication of a single person to recreate one of history’s finest strategy games can accomplish. If you want to read more about how development of the game progressed, visit Aditya’s blog post about recreating Commandos.

To show your love for the game, leave feedback or report a bug you’ve found, please visit Aditya’s Facebook page.

But first play Commandos in your browser!


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